MRS Independent Living

We are a user-led independent charity working in north-east London with disadvantaged and socially excluded sections of the community. We identify technical solutions and provide innovative services to support individuals, their families and care workers.

Our current services include:

  • Staying Steady - a community-based strength and balance programme.
  • Making Room - a therapeutic decluttering programme.
  • Peer Support services - assisting people to offer their learning and experience to support others.
  • Minor Adaptations - a service to Occupational Therapists to assist with provision of rails and other equipment.

Latest News

P/T Adaptations Worker

MRS Independent Living is looking for someone to carry out minor adaptations, particularly fitting wooden and plastic rails, mostly in Islington, two days per week.

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A Peer Support Course for people with Type 2 Diabetes

5 sessions available on Tuesdays during February and March.

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