Food - Hackney Caribbean Elders

As part of the Take Care of the Pennies project, MRS Independent Living and The Hackney Caribbean Elders Organisation have recorded a series of short, moving personal accounts that explore the importance of food as a means of nutrition and also as something that holds communities together.

How to make a great ginger beer: recipe 1 (1:02)

How to make a great ginger beer: recipe 2 (0:25)

The secret to a good cup of ginger tea (0:48)

A husband's memories of cooking for his wife (1:35)

The perfect meat soup (3:51)

Interviewer and Sound recordist: Nico Leo

Food - Staying Steady

Staying Steady provides home based exercise for frail and elderly Hackney residents at risk of falls, some of whom agreed to share their memories of cooking and offer some excellent advice for shopping on a budget today. These are beautiful accounts from often over looked voices.

Rosetta: Born in Hackney on 9th June 1915 (5:01)

Joycelyn: Born in Trinidad in the 1930's came to Hackney in 1965 (4:45)

Eileen: Born in Hackney 1939 (4:28)

Everlyn: Born in the Caribbean and came to Hackney in 1950's (3:45)

Luisa: Born in Spain during the civil war 1936- 1939 (4:24}

Interviewer and Sound recordist: Charlotte Seirberg

The 'Take Care of the Pennies’ project provides financial advice, support and guidance to older people across Hackney. More on the Take Care of the Pennies project.

Take Care of the Pennies is funded by the Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales.