Community classes


Staying Steady offers a 6-month programme of strength and balance training for older people who have had a fall.

During the 6-month programme, you will attend classes at community-based locations once a week to work at strengthening your legs and back, learn how to improve your posture, train your balance and practise how to get around and do daily tasks with greater confidence.

You will also practice getting up and down from the floor safely. We will give you materials to use at home, so you can practise between the weekly classes. By the time you graduate, you should have felt enough benefits from your new exercise habit to convince you to seek out a long-term community class, tai chi group or our own continuation classes for strength and balance – open to all those who have completed the 6-month programme.

Weekly timetable

Download a printable version of our weekly Staying Steady class timetable

We also run a weekly walking class in Clissold Park from May to October. 

If you are interested in attending a class, please contact us on 0330 380 1013 or email to find out more.