Connect Hackney 

Connect Hackney is a project led by older people, for older people.

It can be harder to keep up a social life as you get older – retirement, bereavement, loss of close friends, and family moving away can all make it harder to make sure you have someone to talk to and enjoy things with.

Our projects and activities are a chance for Hackney over 50s to meet people, socialise and have fun. We’re ageing better together!

We have won a five-year funding package of £5.8m from the Big Lottery Fund's Ageing Better programme, which aims to prevent and reduce social isolation among older people.

Hundreds of Hackney's older residents voted on which projects to fund with the first tranche of Big Lottery Fund money.

Connect Hackney will campaign against ageism, ensuring older people's voices are heard and respected. We are also planning to launch a "kitemark" to reward local venues and services that actively make older people welcome.  

MRS Independent Living is working in partnership with another local charity to deliver projects through the Connect Hackney programme.

For more information on Connect Hackey visit or please call: 020 7923 8360