Exercise Programme

Why exercise works

Targeted exercise can help prevent you from falling.  As we age, our muscles weaken and we find ourselves less sure-footed. It can become an effort just to get up out of a chair without using our arms to push off. And we seem to go “off balance” for no good reason.

Painful hips, knees and backs can often be the starting point for becoming very unbalanced and wobbly. Too many of us just put the pain and its consequences down to “ageing” or “a touch of arthritis”, when the real culprit is muscle weakness.

Strengthening our muscles not only makes you steadier on your feet, but can reduce and even banish years of joint pain.

So the right kind of exercise, done regularly, can dramatically reverse bad effects of ageing. And it’s never to late to start: research studies have proved that you can knock 20 years off your age by getting fit – even in your nineties!

Our exercise programmes

Our exercise programmes are evidence based and designed specifically for you, if your at risk of trips, slips and falls.

Normally your GP, community support worker or a physiotherapist will recommend you for one or other of these schemes -- ask your GP if you think it is what you  need.

Once we have assessed you to confirm that our exercise schemes are going to be right for you, we will offer you a place. 

Our 24-week scheme

During this six month class, you work at strengthening your legs and back, learn how to improve your posture, train your balance and practise how to get around and do daily tasks with greater confidence. You also practice getting up and down from the floor safely.

We give you materials to use at home, so you can practise between the weekly classes. By the time you graduate, you should have felt enough benefits from your new exercise habit to convince you to seek out a long-term community class, tai chi group or our own continuation classes for strength and balance – open to all those who have completed the 24-week programme.