Our Partners

We have developed wide ranging partnerships across statutory and non statutory sectors. We are proud of our consortia work across the boroughs of Islington, Hackney and the City. 

As well and delivering services we are directly and indirectly represented on the following key working groups and committees. 

Our partners are:

Homerton Universtiy Hosptial

Hoxton Health Services

The Sharp End

TLC services (The Stroke Project) 

Family Mosaic

City and Hackney Together

We have a direct voice on:

The Health and Wellbeing board

The Falls and Bone Health Care Pathway 

Connect Hackney ( A consortia of charities lead by Hackney cvs aiming to improve the lives of older people living in Hackney)

The Older People's Special Interest Group ( OPSIG )

Take Care of the Pennies ( A consortia of charities working together to alleviate financial hardship in older people living in Hackney, funded by Lloyds).